October 17 and October 24 at 6:30 pm - Learn to Write and Deliver a Dvar Torah – with Dale Rosenberg

Giving a Dvar Torah – sermon – at CAA is fun! It’s a chance to think
deeply about a small section of Torah text, find out what others have
thought, and come up with your own interpretation. Then you get to
share your interpretation with a rapt Friday night congregation.

CAA is a great place for your debut Dvar Torah – your talk can be short
and informal, and the people are friendly and appreciative. Dale
Rosenberg has given a great many Divrei Torah (plural) in many different
synagogues, and has taught people from age 9 to 70 to write and deliver
their first one. She will happily teach you, too. In two evening
sessions you’ll learn:
• How to find a Torah portion (or a portion of a Torah portion)
that really motivates you to say something
• How to research what commentators old and new have said about it
• Putting your thoughts into a coherent talk
• How to inject your personal experience into the Dvar Torah
without oversharing
• How to speak so the congregation will want to listen
• Humor? Good idea or not?
• How to end with something the congregation can remember

Dale is happy to help you after the classes, if you’d like someone to
review your dvar before you deliver it, or to hear you read it and give
tips on delivery.

Call the CAA office at 352-6747 to register for this two-class series.
If you can only attend one or the other, that’s okay, too.

Friday, October 18th at 5:30 pm - Lulav, Potluck & Singing in the Sukkah

Join us for a lovely Erev Shabbat evening with fun, food and song in the
Sukkah! We will come together at 5:00pm with an opportunity to wave the
lulav and etrog, the earthy symbols of the harvest.

At 5:30pm we will share a vegetarian potluck meal together in the Sukkah.

There will be an opportunity to say kaddish, for those in mourning or
observing a yahrzeit.

Make sure you dress for the weather!

Sunday, October 20th at 9:30 am - Religious School

Our teachers are delighted to share their knowledge of all things Jewish with
your children! We look forward to seeing Religious School students this
Sunday to continue with Hebrew, Holiday learning, and Kehillah time!

This week, students will attend the Shemini Atzeret and Hoshana Rabbah
holiday service for the second part of their studies. The students will be
dismissed before the Yizkor service begins.

Sunday, October 20th at 10:45am - Shemini Atzeret and Hoshana Rabbah Holiday Service

According to tradition, we hope to be written into the Book of Life on Rosh
HaShanah and sealed into the Book of Life on Yom Kippur for a good year.
However, judgment is not finalized until Hoshana Rabbah, our last chance to
“slip our names” into the Book of Life, as if they were written on post-it
notes. Therefore we wish each other (in Aramaic) “Pitka Tava” or in Yiddish,
“A Guten Kvitel,” -- a good note.

Beginning at 10:45am, we'll greet Hoshana Rabbah, known as the last day
of the season of teshuva – repentance – which began on Rosh Hashanah.

We will process around the sanctuary with Torah scrolls and lulav and etrog,
musically expressing our wishes for a year of abundance. The Hoshana
Rabbah service ends with the opportunity to beat willow branches on the
floor, symbolizing a final shedding of sin.

We will follow by acknowledging Shemini Atzeret. With the shift of the
season, we now pray for rain instead of praying for dew. This shift is
announced with a dramatic and beautiful prayer, Geshem (rain), sung
before the open ark.

This special service will be held during Religious School and the children
will participate in the procession and the beating of the willows. We hope
many congregants will come, too.

Sunday, October 20th at 12:00 pm - Yizkor Service

A brief Yizkor Service will follow the Hoshana Rabbah service. During the
Yizkor service we remember dear ones who passed from this earth.

We hold them in our hearts and honor them with our prayers.

Sunday, October 20th at 12:45 pm - Parasha of the Week

Each Sunday we look ahead to the parasha (Torah reading) for the coming
Shabbat. Led by Rabbi Loewenthal, this group meets each Sunday that
Religious School is in session. Brief framing comments introduce the parasha,
and then we take turns reading the text (in Hebrew, English, or both) and
examining both classic and modern commentary.

No previous text study experience or Hebrew reading ability is required and
drop ins are welcome. Light refreshments are served.

Monday, October 21st at 6:30pm - Simchat Torah Service

On Simchat Torah, our kids and grownups alike will show our joyful
appreciation of Torah by dancing with the Torah scrolls (real and toy),
waving flags, and eating caramel apples. Adult beverages will be discreetly

If there are enough people attending, we will unroll an entire Torah scroll
and everyone can view the complete Torah text, an opportunity only
available on Simchat Torah!

After the spirited celebration, we’ll settle into reading from the Torah. We
show the continuity of Torah in our lives by reading from the very end of the
Torah (death of Moses) and then immediately reading the very beginning
(creation of the universe), thus starting our Torah reading cycle anew.

Two special members will be called to the Torah as this year’s “Bride of
Beresheet” (Genesis) and “Bridegroom of Torah”. Rabbi Loewenthal will
chant from the Torah, and there will be opportunities for group aliyot.

Thursday, October 24th

1:00 pm- Mah Jongg
6:30 pm - Learn to Write and Deliver a Dvar Torah – with Dale Rosenberg

Aimee Orkin, Artist in Residence at CAA from October 25th - 27th

Aimee Orkin is a Judaic artist with an MFA from Brandeis University. She
is creating her own art on the theme of “Visual Prayer.”

During her residency at CAA, Aimee will be collaborating with Rabbi
Loewenthal to teach Judaic Art workshops to inspire learning,
connecting, healing and art-making.

Aimee will be teaching with printed prayers, watercolors, oil pastel and
silk dyes on different sizes of paper and fabric.

Her artistic goal is to study prayer and then convey visually the
awesomeness of our world and connecting to G-d through art to help
celebrate, meditate, heal and calm ourselves.

October 25th - Erev Shabbat:
Aimee will be displaying a community tablecloth artwork and tallitot and
giving a drash on creativity.

October 26th - 6 - 9 pm:
Prayer with Batik-Painting with dyes on silk - hands-on art making

Batik is an ancient art form where the line is painted in resist paint
and then the dyes are applied like water color on fabric. For this
workshop,we will be creating a painted visual prayer on fabric. Class
members will complete a challah cover or scarf to take home.
Includes a pizza dinner.
Maximum class size - 15 people ages 13 and up Materials fee on a
sliding scale: $25 - $40.
Please RSVP to Daniella at 352-6747 by October 15th.

October 27th - Aimee will work with Rabbi Loewenthal to provide a visual
prayer Judaic art experience for our Religious School students.

To find out more about Aimee and her work go to

Sunday, October 27th

9:30 am - Religious School
12:30 pm - Parasha of the Week
3:00 pm - Simchat Bat for Josephine McDonald