About Us

Congregation Ahavas Achim (CAA) is a welcoming, inclusive synagogue. Though we are affiliated with Reconstructing Judaism, our membership reflects a broad range of Jewish religious, denominational, ethnic, and educational backgrounds. Our core catchment area comprises several counties in New Hampshire as well as nearby Vermont and Massachusetts, but many of our members live further away and participate in our activities regularly by Zoom. We are a fully egalitarian congregation, with women and men participating equally in all aspects of synagogue life.

Our communal “tent” is wide enough to cover singles, young families and empty-nesters, retirees and young professionals, children and teens, LGBTQ+ individuals, Jews-by-birth and Jews-by-conversion, and people exploring Judaism for the first time. We also strive to promote respectful, open-hearted dialogue among members who hold divergent political and social viewpoints. We are also blessed by the presence of friends, neighbors, and loved ones of different faiths and no faith who enjoy our community and all we have to offer.

CAA is fully committed to accessibility for and inclusion of people of all abilities and exceptionalities. We are eager to respond to any needs that we may not currently be meeting.

Our worship services, social activities, and educational programs provide spiritual sustenance, connection to Jewish Peoplehood and Jewish wisdom, and fun to all. Wherever you are from and whatever your Jewish background or practice, you’ll find a warm welcome at CAA!

We invite all Jews and their families and anyone else who is interested to join our community. Come celebrate Jewish life with us!

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