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Rabbi Dan’s d’var Torah

Rabbi Dan’s d’var Torah

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Summary, Text & Commentaries

Summary of this weel’s Torah portion

For a comprehensive summary and insightful exploration of this week’s Torah portion, we invite you to explore the content available at MyJewishLearning.com/Torah-Portions.

While there, you will be able to view the full text of the Torah and Haftarah readings and view commentaries from a variety of perspectives.

Commentaries from a Modern Orthodox perspective,

For a selection of commentaries from a Modern Orthodox perspective, you may be interested in the weekly PDF Toras Aish, which is produced by The AishDas Society.

Scholarly, academic commentaries and essays

For a selection of scholarly, academic commentaries, and thought-provoking essays that provide valuable insights into our sacred texts, we recommend exploring the content available at https://www.thetorah.com/. Dive into a world of in-depth analysis and critical examination to deepen your understanding of our heritage.

Weekly Learning from Reconstructing Judaism

For commentary on this week’s Torah portion from a Reconstructionist perspective: