Adult Education

CAA’s Adult Education program has something for everyone! We view Jewish learning as a lifelong endeavor, encompassing religious texts, prayer, cultural aspects, and language. Most adult education programs are free to CAA members. Check the calendar for upcoming programs. Some ongoing adult education offerings include:

Weekly Torah Study: Each Sunday at 12:30 we look ahead to the parasha (Torah reading) for the coming Shabbat. Led by Rabbi Aronson, this group meets each Sunday that Religious School is in session. Brief framing comments introduce the parasha, and then we take turns reading the text (in Hebrew, English, or both) and examining both classic and modern commentary. No previous text study experience or Hebrew reading ability is required and drop ins are welcome. Light refreshments are served.

Weekly Mussar Study: On Wednesday mornings at 11:00, the Rabbi leads a study of mussar – Jewish ethical principles and practices. Using classic text as jumping off points, the participants discuss everyday ethical dilemmas and ways to improve their ethical behavior.

Saturday Night at the Movies: CAA’s Movie Club shows a Jewish-themed film one Saturday evening a month. We meet at 7:00 for snacks and a brief introduction, watch the film together, and then have a guided discussion.

The CAA Book Club: Every two months we read and discuss a book of Jewish interest. The club reads from a variety of genres, including memoir, literary novel, and historical fiction. The CAA Library acquires multiple copies of the current book club book, which can be borrowed by CAA members. Guided discussions are held on weekday evenings and are lively and fun.

Holiday Learning: Programming around Jewish holidays includes various kinds of learning, from text study to history to more cultural offerings. Previous classes have included Passover cooking and wine tasting as well as historical and textual bases for different holidays. Check the calendar for current offerings.

Hebrew Language: CAA offers Hebrew reading classes for members who want to learn how to better read and understand Jewish prayer. Classes are available for those who cannot read at all and those who want to improve their fluency, understanding, and Hebrew grammar.

Tikkun Leyl Shavuot: Every year CAA participates in the tradition of studying all night on Erev Shavuot. We begin with a pot luck dinner and a cheesecake contest and then have learning opportunities every hour until dawn, when we great the new day with morning services. CAA members and guests teach a variety of classes and give presentations on topics of interest to all. Previous classes have included: a panel on conversion experiences, the history of Jews and baseball, Abulafia meditation techniques, and the false messiah Shabbatai Zvi. Check the calendar for this year’s program.